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Our Story 

Started on Long Island, now we're here

Our story Began over 22 years ago, in NYC when our founder Ellia Suncar created hair extensions out of freshly cut hair from an aspiring actress that needed extra funds - That hair was worn over 10 years. Today we are manufacturer of an exclusive luxury line of PURE Organic Hair Extensions nationwide.

Our hair has been tested through tides of time, oceans, chemical processes, blow outs, sweat, kids and more. You can always count on our hair durability and longevity.

Our team of hair scouts is positioned throughout the USA, RUSSIA ans ISRAEL and in constant hunt for the best of the best. The hair is directly cut by our members of the team for quality control and prepared here on location once you choose your Forever Hair. Every hair set is tailored made precisely to your desire - length, thickness, texture, feel.

We added to our inventory Human Remy Hair to fit any budget as well.

We offer almost all hair extensions systems available, and proudly stand by our work, if anything is wrong we fix it no questions asked. Just read our review on google; search Pure Hair extensions. Thousands of satisfied clients over the past couple decades and counting.

Meet The Team


The strands are attached by Microlinks. They are tiny copper tubes that are half an inch long. This is the precise size: 

They come even smaller and in numerous colors to blend in. Copper is the easiest, lightest and bendable metal. 

Each Extension contains between 1-1/12 grams of hair.

Safe for every hair type, Ethnic or Caucasian

Once installed they lay flat on your head, making it completely undetectable.

Once the hair is parted, tiny part of your hair the size of pinky nail is pulled through the tube. The tube is moved up to your scalp and then extension is inserted into the tube and closed shut with special tool. If the stylist applied enough pressure to close the tube, you will never loose the extensions until its properly removed by the same tool. 

The removal: Super fast 20-30 minutes, without any damage or pain. The tube is simply opened back to the original "O" and extension slips out. 


Please do not confuse them with microrings, microbeads  or micro loops. (completely different metal material and sizes). There are many imitations of Microlinks. 

PURE Hair Extensions were inspired by Nature and Organically created to outlast any Hair extensions in the World. Each Extension is crafted by hand and not the machine & customized for each individual order. Straight, wavy or curly, spalsh of color, balayage or ombre - your imagination is our command. Each hair strand is 100% Organic, without any added synthetics, or coating. The cuticle and baby hairs are left in tact to preserve the natural look. Amazingly lightweight, these extensions are the easiest to take care of. The hair can be Air Dried in under an hour into gorgeous natural hair style, which doesn't require heat to tame or blend the hair. 

We source our hair solely in US. Majority of the hair comes from young girls that do not smoke, or abuse their hair chemically.  These women are paid generously for their hair, and are Happy to let their locks go. Although its been widely advertised that the Russian hair is the top of the line, the industry has been so poisoned by Chinese manufacturing, that its impossible to find pure product over seas. We however stand by our product and the only company the guarantees its hair to last over 10 years.  Each hair order is customized to your dream look. We Completely match texture, color and even the feel of the hair. Each order can take between one to two weeks to complete. Therefor Patience is a virtue. Everything is made by hand into precise sizes and shipped with tools and bead sizes for perfect installation. 

Our Hair



As the extensions grow out with your own hair, you would need to come back to get them maintained. The normal time frame is 6-8 weeks. However we do offer 30 days service as well. As the time gets closer to the maintenance you may feel that extensions aren't as secure, but don't worry they wont fall out, they may start slipping, 2-5 which is normal, just save them and schedule your appointment sooner. 

At the maintenance appointment, the technician will re open the cylinder with special tool and move the extensions and the cylinder closer to the scalp. he most damage that occurs with hair extensions is when the extension grew out and dangling far from the scalp creating more of a swing and therefore adding more stress on the cuticle of each of your own hair. Plus it can be easily snapped by a hair brush. Because with our system its very easy to open and move them up, we don't get any damage associated with our extensions. As long as you keep your appointment on time.

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