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As the extensions grow out with your own hair, you would need to come back to get them maintained. The normal time frame is 6-8 weeks. However we do offer 30 days service as well. As the time gets closer to the maintenance you may feel that extensions aren't as secure, but don't worry they wont fall out, they may start slipping, 2-5 which is normal, just save them and schedule your appointment sooner. 

At the maintenance appointment, the technician will re open the cylinder with special tool and move the extensions and the cylinder closer to the scalp. he most damage that occurs with hair extensions is when the extension grew out and dangling far from the scalp creating more of a swing and therefore adding more stress on the cuticle of each of your own hair. Plus it can be easily snapped by a hair brush. Because with our system its very easy to open and move them up, we don't get any damage associated with our extensions. As long as you keep your appointment on time.

Hair Care Tips


Please follow these tips since any hair extension system can cause damage if your stylist tell you their extensions don't cause damage, run. All systems cause damage, so I’m less than others. The Good news is You hair will grow back unless it’s cause by alopecia which is rare and usually cause by sewn in wefts in many cases. Microlinks can cause 10% damage in normal situations, if you don’t follow these tips the damage can be higher. The keratin infused system by far is the most dangerous system with damage in upwards of 70% has been seen.

Maintain your extensions at the salon every 2 months. After 3rd month you will he charged full maintenance fee if the growth and matting is worse then expected. Your stylist Weill make the determination upon seeing you.


Stay away from OILS. Our links are made out of copper so any interaction with oil based product will cause slippage. Out out for non oil based hair products, read labels, ask salon stylists about oil in products or bring your own to wash hair. Don’t overdo on olaplex when coloring hair. If you have extremely oily scalp ask your stylist about claryfying shampoo.


We recommend to take daily biotin supplement for your hair. Our best pick is BIOTIN and is sold on amazon or Whole Foods.


You will experience minor discomfort for the first 3 day’s especially when sleeping, it’s normal and will go away, if you have extremely sensitive scalp the discomfort could last up to a week.


Expect some shedding immediately following the installation. Since we make all of our extension by hand it’s impossible to brush out all shedding. It will stop after 3rd hair wash, idle shedding continues please contact us for evaluation. Remember everything can be fixed.


Extensions slipping is normal and part of the extensions wearing. Up to 10 strands expected to slip out within 2 months. However if you notice 5-10 slipping in a week please schedule appointment right away to correct the issue. We do not charge for slippage you to 20 as long as you can make it to the salon right away. The slippage can be due to too much oil on your scalp or hair product you are using. Expect to show us pictures of all your hair care products so we can eliminate the cause. You can also use clarifying shampoo every 1-2 weeks to minimize oil production. Don’t use it daily. Sometimes after hair coloring extensions can start slipping due to products the stylist may used. We can correct some slippage if you come in in time, you let it go we would have to do full maintenance with fee.


What Brush you use is important and can cause slipping or breaking off the extensions. We recommend tangle teezer brush sold on amazon or in store. Any brush that has tiny balls at the ends of the bristles is not recommended.

When you brush your hair, you want to hold the hair in one hand and start from end move upward. Tilt your head when reaching your scalp so you don’t catch the attachments too much. Gently brush through the attachment at least once or twice a week. Always brush your hair before shower for best air-dry results.


Don’t sleep with wet hair, loose ponytail or braid is recommended. Silk pillow does stop matting if you are wearing Remy hair. For organic hair you ain’t need to follow sleeping tips.


If you are wearing Remy hair always wash out any salt or pool water, use extra conditioner when washing your hair and brush your hair after shower. Beware of severe knots from ocean water if you fall asleep without washing your hair. When in the boat, jet ski or motorcycle ALWAYS put your hair in a tight braid. Organic hair will not tangle but Remy hair is guaranteed to tangle severely.


Wash your hair 2-3 days to make sure the oils don’t build up and deep into the links. Use your finger tips to massage between the attachments, avoid nails as they can catch hair.


We recommend Sebastian light shampoo and conditioner or TIGI Bed Head recovery shampoo and conditioner. Other hair products can leave residue inside the beads which will turn into glue like substantive overtime causing extra stress during maintenance.


If you have organic hair we recommend to air dry your hair for awesome style and to blend you too hair if needed. Other styling tool such as flat irons and curling irons are recommended with heat protectant, try CHI heat spray. If you must blow out your hair with round brush, use it only once a week as the pulling causes tensions and breakage overtime. With Remy hair double up on heat protectant and detangling non oil based solutions.

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