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Micro links extensions considered the most safest of all systems. Most celebrities opt out to wear these extensions. They can be installed on hair as short as couple inches. With many different size tubs you can installed them higher up without them showing and use them for very thinned out hair. The links are tiny copper tubes that are 2-3 mm long or smaller. . Once installed they lay flat on your head, making it completely undetectable. The removal: Super fast 20-30 minutes. Don't confuse them with microrings, microbeads or micro loops. (completely different metal material and sizes).


The Good: Safe for every hair type, Ethnic or Caucasian .Quick installation 1-2 hours and quick maintenance every 2 months. You can swim with them and put them up in high ponytail. You can use heat tools without worry. The extensions can be reused numerous times if you can find salon that refurbishes them.


The Bad: Some clients have had bad experience with extensions slipping out within weeks after installation. Coupe thing can happen; bad installation, using wrong brush or not recommended oily products or: they tried microbeads/rings and not MICROLINKS. Here is why: microbeads/rings are smaller, and shorter, upon installation, they don't hold enough of the extension tip therefore very easy to slip out. Also, the tip of the extension is sticking out on top, making it uncomfortable to wear, and it pokes your head. You can spot the microbeads as they are often short and chunky due to silicon lining.


The Ugly: If not maintained on a timely manner every 2 months breakage can happen as with any with any other hair system.


Beaded weft extensions are not same as microlinks, its not strand by strand method. This method takes and entire weft of hair on track and attaches it with micros tube already placed on the weft/track.

The Good: its much safer then sew in track/weft. Safe maintenance.

The Bad: This system uses the name microlinks all the time, however it does not stand for safety and freedom the real microlinks stand for. Yes its much safer then other methods however you still will be very limited to hair styles etc. no freedom.

The Ugly: the only thing I don't like about this method is that its on the weft. The biggest problem is when you pull on one part of the hair, the entire track pulls on all if your hair - unnecessary damage occurs all around your scalp as oppose to strand by strand method.

Recommendation: If you going to spend the money on this method, might as well opt out for strand-by-strand microlinks & all full benefits.


Clip in extensions are the DIY of extensions, anyone can do it or have their friend do it for them. Small clips are attached to 4 small wefts and 3 large wefts. You can attach the smaller ones to your sides and the lager one go in the back for length and thickness. 

The Good: very cheap starts at $50 and up. comes in amazing colors that can be match up easily. Fast application, maybe 20 minutes tops. Great to transform yourself for the night out. 

The Bad: These clip ins are not recommended to wash, it will take you forever to get them back to silky style you purchase them in. They can fall out on the dance floor, imagine the look on your dates face ! They are incredibly hot and sweaty. 

The Ugly: they are very heavy, don't make the mistake of falling asleep with them, bad idea.


Recommendation: over all this is a one night stand with these extensions, don't pay more then $100, its not worth the money if you looking for a commitment.  


Micro beads system is exactly the same as Micro links system except the materials being used. The links/tubes are very different. The original micro links (once we use) re made out of copper, and micro beads are made of aluminum.
The Good: Micro beads are imitation of .Microlinks, so you are getting best installation with minimum damage. 
The Bad: Most clients have had bad experience with micro beads - extensions slipping out within weeks after installation. That's because they tried microbeads/rings and not MICROLINKS. Here is why: microbeads/rings are smaller, and shorter, upon installation, they don't hold enough of the extension tip therefore very easy to slip out. Also, the tip of the extension is sticking out on top, making it uncomfortable to wear, and it pokes your head. 

 Not to mention the beads are thick and bulky, the don't lay flat on your head like microlinks. Micro beads are made out of Aluminum - the most softest metal, upon re opening the bead when doing maintenance or removal, stylist can make mistake and not open the bead correctly, making the bead clamp up and mangle it. The only way out is cutting the extensions out with your own hair. 

Recommendation: I would opt out for the real copper micro links if you have a choice, besides, the beads are so much cheaper then links - you get what you pay for. 


Sew in extensions involve braiding the hair in a cornrowed pattern across the scalp and sewing the weft track to the braid.
This system lasts up to 1 1/2 months, then you need to re do it.

The Good: Extremely affordable system. The hair on the weft is available anywhere. You will never have issues color matching it.

The Bad Severe scalp and follicle damage starts once the brutal installation begins. Hold on to your sanity if you never had braids done before. The pulling of the hair is very intense. The maintenance is time consuming and painful, and needs to be done every month or it will knot up your hair. Although it is the most inexpensive method, the maintenance is so frequent that it will end being costly per year.

The Ugly: This system gives you zero freedom. You cant wear your hair in pony tail, you are limited to hair styles, its very bulky and uncomfortable. When brushing the hair, if it tangles and you pull it, you pulling on the entire track, therefore constantly damaging wide area of your scalp as oppose to single spot. The weft hair are so closely put together that you can never completely dry it out, and remember the mold bacteria grows in damp and worm areas. This track will leave a bold spot ladies - Be ware.

Recommendation: I would only recommend this system to ladies that already have severe balding areas that are only on the temple of their head. only sew it on the top and utilize another method for the rest of the head.


Tape hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds. ... This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months-and the hair is reusable 

The Good: Fairly quick installation, quality hair and colors.

The Bad:. Bulky, not much freedom to do many styles. The maintenance must be done quite often - 4-6 weeks, the tape can slide off from washing your hair. 

The Ugly: Taking them down will leave you with residue glue that can take some time to come off, patience is a virtue. 

Recommendation: we recommend using high quality hair for this system, our favorite is Platinum Seamless. 


Hot fusion method involves the use of a hot fusion connector to bond/glue the hair extensions to the roots of your own hair. This method is more suited for women who have strong and thick hair that can bear the weight of glue and the attached hair extensions.

The Good: This system is very popular and diverse. The hair qualities and colors are available in abundance. There are hundreds of salons and stylists certifiable in this method.

The Bad This considered the most dangerous system in the entire hair extension industry. Its extremely heavy due to the glue/bond. Prepare to wear a couple extra pounds on your head, numerous clients cant bare the weight and remove them within 1-2 weeks. Its quite pricey too. Because the extensions is literally melted into your own hair and then bonded for couple months, its very bad for your hair molecules, it weakens and breaks them down throughout the time. Please don't buy into the lie of keratin hot fusion, its the same thing - your hair is bonded, cant breath for months - breakage !!!

The Ugly: Maintenance!!!!!!! The nightmare on its own. How would you like to sit for 4-6 hours while they keep dipping your hair into acetone, and then re glued it back in. Oh by the way, most hot fusion extensions are not re-usable, so prepare to spend $ on hair.

Recommendation: Opt out of this method. If not, you do it at your own risk.


Brazilian Knots hair extensions is a strand-by-strand hair extensions technique. The extensions is attached by a thread that's tied around your hair numerous times.

The Good: this system doesn't utilize any chemicals or glue. Its fairly inexpensive and easy to locate a stylist.

The Bad Its incredibly time consuming for installation and maintenance. The thread can easily fall apart during washing your hair as well as brushing.

The Ugly: not much ugly about it that I can find. Its pretty safe.

Recommendation: This is the only other system I would recommend besides the one that I use - microlinks.

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