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It's all about ORGANIC!



With thousands of satisfied Clients all over the world and some Celebrities, our hair has made it’s mark and changing the way women experience Hair Extensions.

Over the past 22 years we’ve tried numerous “Human Hair” extensions, however the quality of their hair would fade over the course of few months.

The only way to offer the best quality hair was to create our own brand our way.


PURE Hair Extensions were inspired by Nature and Organically created to outlast any Hair extensions in the World. Each Extension is crafted by hand and not the machine & customized for each individual order. Straight, wavy or curly, spalsh of color, balayage or ombre - your imagination is our command. Each hair strand is 100% Organic, without any added synthetics, or coating. The cuticle and baby hairs are left in tact to preserve the natural look. Amazingly lightweight, these extensions are the easiest to take care of. The hair can be Air Dried in under an hour into gorgeous natural hair style, which doesn't require heat to tame or blend the hair. 

We Completely match texture, color and even the feel of the hair. Each order can take between one to two weeks to complete, therefore Patience is a virtue.



We source our hair solely inUSA, ISRAEL & RUSSIA.

 Majority of the hair comes from young girls that do not smoke, or abuse their hair chemically.  These women are paid generously for their hair, and are Happy to let their locks go.


We manufacture all extensions ourselves by hand, we never use the machines.  That's how we’ve created one of a kind completely organic hair Extensions  line.

Our team of hair scouts is positioned throughout the USA, ISRAEL & RUSSIA and are in constant hunt for the best of the best. We do not buy hair from factories, and mostly directly cut by our members of the team for quality control.  We have constant control, we can see the hair in person, make sure its never been chemically processed and healthy. You cannot get that from a factory. The hair industry has been so tainted by Chinese manufacturers who mix their hair with fiber hair and coat it with silicone. Plus, half the time your really have no idea where the hair is coming from. Did you know that there are very little regulations on human hair, you can put 25% of human hair and mix the rest with fiber hair and put 100% HUMAN HAIR label on it. That's just a complete lie. And even the stylists don't know the difference because this is not thought in schools. As a matter of fact, there is so little that thought in beauty schools about hair extensions, that stylists need to learn everything themselves after school. 

We buy hair from young girls, expected mothers, and women that have not colored their hair, non smokers and Who Do Not abuse their hair.

Our team is ready to process the hair upon arrival by thoroughly cleaning it and then preparing by hand into hair extensions. Every hair set is tailored made precisely to your desire - length, thickness, texture, feel. Each hair set is entirely chemical process free therefore it will be in its natural color state. Your colorist can color the extensions before the installation and use the highest professional hair color. 



Although its been widely advertised that the Russian hair is the top of the line, the industry has been so poisoned by Chinese manufacturing, that its impossible to find pure product over seas. Our hair extensions are made of 100% organic human hair, it was never tempered with any chemical process whatsoever a.k.a. coloring perming, cuticle stripping, fabric coloring. We buy hair directly from one person at a time and it could be DNA tested back to that seller. Why it's the best hair, simply because it's from one person and never been chemically treated. The cuticles are all intact, and furthermore aren't mixed with other people's hair's. The advantages of having our hair are: it looks absolutely natural, not stringy, all the pieces are made as they were cut from the seller meaning that all of the natural stages of hair growth are still intact therefore making the hair look extremely natural whether it's styled or just air dried. Now when it comes to drying your hair, it dries relatively quickly within 30 minutes by itself, making it extremely easy to take care of. Depending on the texture of the hair, it has very little to no tangling at all. This is very important because while wearing the extensions you have to style it Etc, and with each styling (blow outs, flat ironing) it could cause breakage to your own hair. Our hair needs little to no styling at all, since it can simply air dry to gorgeous hair without blowing it out and brushing it. This can significantly reduce any breakage to your own hair because it will be very little heat and brushing applied. Hence making PURE extensions the most healthiest.. In addition, the hair is absolutely organic it has its natural tones, and can be colored with ease and no breakage. We tested the hair for over 10 years now, and it still perfectly soft smooth and doesn't tangle. And the beautiful part is the hair can be re used.




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